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Presently, the UAMT provides the following services:



ES cell Injection

Injection of embryonic stem cells into blastocysts to produce chimeric mice with germline transmission of the genetic modification.



Pronuclear DNA Microinjection

Injection of DNA into the male pronucleus of mouse zygotes for the production of transgenic mice or embryos.



Mouse Line Rederivation

Surgical and non-surgical implantation of embryos in the uteri of pathogen-free females for intra-uterine development to term.



Transfection of  ES cells

Introduction of DNA into embryonic stem cells by electroporation for stable integration via homologous recombination or random integration for ES cell-mediated transgenesis.



Generation of Chimeras by Aggregation

Combining ES cells, diploid and tetraploid embryos in culture to produce chimeric embryos.



Vasectomy and Other Surgical Procedures

Surgical sterilization of male mice by severing and tying the vasa deferentia, to use for pseudo-impregnation of recipient females.