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Mutant and Transgenic Animal Unit

The Mutant and Transgenic Animal Unit is operated by the Laboratory of Support to Research in Molecular Medicine (LAIMM) in partnership with the General Animal Facility of FMUP.

The UAMT was established in 2013 in response to the growing interest and need of the scientific community at FMUP and other institutions for the technology of genetic manipulation of experimental animals.

The UAMT provides services for the production of mutant mice using CRISPR/Cas technology (knock-out, knock-in, transgenics) as well as homologous recombination (gene targeting) by blastocyst injection of genetically manipulated ES cells, in the context of experimental projects approved by the DGAV.

Additionally, the UAMT provides a portfolio of services such as, for example, the rederivation of mutant and transgenic mouse lines.




Microinjection of genetically modified ES cells into 8-cell stage CD1 mouse embryo. © 2014 UAMT

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