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The idea of a laboratory with the sole purpose of providing support to research in molecular medicine originated about ten years ago at the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology of FMUP. It was first conceived when the new facilities of the Faculty of Medicine – recently inaugurated as the Center of Medical Research (CIM-FMUP) with dedicated laboratory space for LAIMM - were being planned. The delay in bringing the project to completion, along with a high demand for assistance in the planning and execution of molecular biology work by clinical staff of the Faculty, have led to the establishment of an embryonic structure, which was able to respond to some of the requests with help of the research staff and equipment of the Cellular and Molecular Biology lab. The accomplishment of the original idea, however, was only made possible by the recent award of funds to a project aimed at enabling the post-graduate activity of FMUP to include the training of doctors and other health professionals who wish to maintain their clinical activity whilst involved in the execution of scientific work. LAIMM relies on a small group of molecular biologists fully committed to this mission, dedicated laboratory facilities equipped with high end instrumentation, as well as a series of methodologies in place at the Department of Experimental Biology and the knowhow of all its team of researchers and lecturers.


Mission statement

LAIMM's main goal is to promote and support scientific research in biomedicine, particularly by health professionals who wish to maintain their clinical activity, by providing logistical and operational assistance, scientific consulting and training in laboratory research in molecular biology. To achieve this purpose, LAIMM offers a set of services ranging from support to the design and implementation of scientific projects to the provision of custom services in molecular biology and animal models.



  • To facilitate high quality original scientific research in biomedicine with direct participation of health agents, namely physicians and other clinical professionals
  • To promote and develop basic and applied scientific research in a laboratory setting.
  • To support ongoing research projects by providing logistical and operational assistance, scientific advisory and training.
  • To provide custom laboratory services in molecular biology and production of animal models.


Who is it for?

  • Clinical and research staff of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto / Centro Hospitalar de São João and affiliated entities.
  • Research groups from other academic institutions or research institutes.
  • Clinical service companies / medical and pharmaceutical industry.